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    Target flow switch

        SLK intelligent flow switch using strain of target flow meter principle of working, can be widely used in fluid process control. With the operation control of the visual interface, user can set according to needs to control the upper and lower limits flow, Alarm way, also with electrical, pneumatic control valve in each control to achieve intelligent control instantaneous flow, the actual automatic control valve or implementing agencies to achieve automatic control system.
    Pipe connection :flange pipeline type
    Diameter size:15~300mm
    Control Mode:Upper and lower limit of instantaneous flow flow control,Intelligent regulation enforcement agencies, the instantaneous flow control limit for realizing period Stablized
    Output Control:Two road often open and closed the switch output;250VAC/5A
    Operating mode:Visual operating interface
    Display mode:LCD with lights: the instant flow;temperature(Optional)
    Working voltage: 24VDC.
    Precision class:2.0  3.0
    Range degree:1:10   1:15
    Material:carbon steel;304;316L
    Protective level:IP65
    Gauge head mode: Explosion-proof type(Built-in button operation)conventional type(External button operate)